Produk Indokarya Mandiri


PT. Indokarya Mandiri as a reliable stockist was estabished in 2005 in Jakarta. However its history has gone way back to 1979 when the founder Mr Sadikin Lawi moved to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, where the oil and gas industry was booming.

There he worked and learned at various oil and gas companies. Eventually he and his partner gained enough expertise to start a business venture to fill the oil and gas supplies market. Their customers include Vico, Total, Union Oil, and Pupuk Kaltim.

In 1986, they moved the business to Jakarta to tap the capital city’s bigger market.

In 1992, responding to the market and government call for more locally made products, the partners added a new manufacturing company PT. Asiakarya Ekametal to their portfolio.

The company started with manufacturing various stud bolts at a humble workshop in Poseng, Kapuk area, West Jakarta. Mr Lawi was in charge of the production and importing matter, while his partner of the marketing matter.

In 1995, the workshop expanded its production to make various pipe fittings as was in need of a bigger space. It was then relocated to Marunda, East Jakarta, with its 15 employees.

In 2005, the two founders decided to develop the business independently. Mr Lawi was given the exclusive right to manage PT. Asiakarya Ekametal.

Mr Lawi realized that the manufacturing company needed of a dedicated sales and marketing wing to market its products, thus established PT. Indokarya Mandiri.

This new company acts as the exclusive distributor of PT. Asiakarya Ekametal as well as stockist of wellknown imported products.

Within a year, PT. Indokarya Mandiri had purchased an additional warehouse facility at Jl Denpasar, KBN, Marunda, and tripled its number of employees.

PT. Indokarya Mandiri’s combined strength in its long service history and its up-to-date products have ensured our customers’ satisfaction and won us a wide customer base nationally and internationally.


Call us at: +62 (21) 628 1157 or email at: ikm@indokaryamandiri.com for more information. We are ready to serve your spare-part needs.